Thursday, September 24, 2015

Another new Champion 

I can definitely see the hunger on these players in these special tournament. They know all know they have a chance at winning, so they're try to play their best. It's always fun watching two people at the same level battle it out instead of watching a match that's totally one sided. This week's Coin up was also fun and once again we got ourselves a new winner. I have a feeling next week, someone will be getting their second win. 

Zach H is our winner this around. He placed 2nd last week and wasn't satisfied with his result and aimed for first this week. He's and up and comer from the Southern Maryland area who first trained with the coin up team like many others. He mains Bison and focuses on Ultra Street fighter 4 at the moment. He is a fast learner and I can see him doing well in the future if he keeps this up.    
His Grand-Final Match
Another notable match from this week is this match with Malneto and Grimy Grizzly(last's week winner). Malneto lost to Grimy last week and decided to go for a counter pick against the Russian wrestler and it worked out in his favor in a very close match. Shout out to Malneto, the man with many characters. 

Thanks for reading again..
Barbershop 2

Have you seen the movie "Barbershop 2"? A similar thing has happened in our little community in southern Maryland recently. Ever since we lost our arcade that was in the mall, We tried to find ways to keep our community of gamer together,



               The First Venue

For a good year and a half, people in the area just used to host little house session and invites the so called friends and leave other behinds. It wasn't a community anymore like in the arcade, it was very divided. Heru decided to try and bring it back to where everyone could play at one place. Coin up's first location was at house, a good amount people showed up for a house session and different games were also played. It got to the point were it was too crowded and we had to find a new location.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Thai Palace
 After about 3 or 4 months at our first location, we found a new place where we could play. Thai Palace was a pretty nice spot for hosting gaming event and they had pretty good food. We were there for about a year until we left due to some issues with the owner of the restaurant.


 Our recent venue is still a restaurant and we've been here since 2012. We're doing pretty good here, everyone is welcomed and it's spot to be on Monday nights if you're a gamer in southern Maryland.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

It's only Getting Tougher From Here!

Coin Up was pretty exciting this past Monday, It's great to see how many of our players are leveling up bit by bit, and are also doing their best during the coin up tournament to keep the wins in the coin up hands. I knew it'll be a little harder this time around for them to win since, they still have some ways to go before their game play can be called solid. We've been getting a good amount of people each Monday, and sometimes we get new people who show up as well. We must be doing something right.

This week's Winner is Grimy Grizzly. He's a Tekken player who plays Street fighter 4 on the side. He mains Zangief and he sure protected the Russian Skies this past Monday. I'm expecting him to show up to the next Coin Up to defend his title. He has a very unique play-style and I think it was good thing he entered the tournament. It's very good practice for the coin up guys and they get to learn how to fight different styles and not just learn to fight match ups.

This week's bracket!                          

Shout out to Coin up Phantom and  Coin up Ogyawn for improving this week and fixing up their mistakes. There's still more to work on but keep at it guys. Here's some of their matches from this week.                              
                                              Oyyawn VS BBFierceBlock

Phantom Vs Grimy Grizzly

                                               And Here's the Grand-Final match

Thanks for reading our blog and I'll keep you posted again!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ludovic is here!

Coin Up Monday happened yesterday as it does every Mondays. It was labor day, so I figured we'll get a good amount of players this Monday since work is normally closed or closes early and school is out. We got about the same amount as we normally get. I'm not complaining here, I just expected a bit more then the usual. Just a bit you know, haha. Anyway, I held the "Scrub Tournament" once more as I've been doing so for the past 4 Months now. It's a special tournament since a few of local's so called top players aren't allowed to enter this tournament. I believe it is a good way to let the up and comers or the fresh new players to give them a chance at winning and not letting the same 3 people winning every single time. So far we've had a different winner at each of this Scrub tourney, It is also fun and interesting to watch them trying their best at winning some cash.

I took a few pictures that night through my phone. I wish I had an actual camera for a better quality, but I guess for now we'll just have to go with this.

Here's a couple of team Photos with some of the members.

 A picture of Coin up after dark

The Coin up players are stepping it up bit by bit and I definitely see a lot of improvements in their gameplay. Tournaments nerves is a big thing for most of them and that's a hurtle I'd like to see them surpass or at least control it a bit more.

I'll Keep you guys posted,  Thanks for taking the time to read about us.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hello guys, first Blog Here!

I will be dropping some thoughts here throughout the week. I'll mostly be talking about gaming and the fgc and what's going on with Coin up as a team.  Follow me and i'll keep you guys updated.

Gearing up for the next level.

Please stay here with us on the coin up blog, coin up is going through some major changes i hope you like how we are trying to get everything organized to gearing up for the Street fighter 5 series.
we are working hard to find the best way for the team to share info,tech to insure the players to LEVEL UP! STAY TUNE.

This week's Coin up Champion Aug 31.2015

Rizzy is this week's Coin up Champion!!!!