Wednesday, September 16, 2015

It's only Getting Tougher From Here!

Coin Up was pretty exciting this past Monday, It's great to see how many of our players are leveling up bit by bit, and are also doing their best during the coin up tournament to keep the wins in the coin up hands. I knew it'll be a little harder this time around for them to win since, they still have some ways to go before their game play can be called solid. We've been getting a good amount of people each Monday, and sometimes we get new people who show up as well. We must be doing something right.

This week's Winner is Grimy Grizzly. He's a Tekken player who plays Street fighter 4 on the side. He mains Zangief and he sure protected the Russian Skies this past Monday. I'm expecting him to show up to the next Coin Up to defend his title. He has a very unique play-style and I think it was good thing he entered the tournament. It's very good practice for the coin up guys and they get to learn how to fight different styles and not just learn to fight match ups.

This week's bracket!                          

Shout out to Coin up Phantom and  Coin up Ogyawn for improving this week and fixing up their mistakes. There's still more to work on but keep at it guys. Here's some of their matches from this week.                              
                                              Oyyawn VS BBFierceBlock

Phantom Vs Grimy Grizzly

                                               And Here's the Grand-Final match

Thanks for reading our blog and I'll keep you posted again!

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