Thursday, September 24, 2015

Another new Champion 

I can definitely see the hunger on these players in these special tournament. They know all know they have a chance at winning, so they're try to play their best. It's always fun watching two people at the same level battle it out instead of watching a match that's totally one sided. This week's Coin up was also fun and once again we got ourselves a new winner. I have a feeling next week, someone will be getting their second win. 

Zach H is our winner this around. He placed 2nd last week and wasn't satisfied with his result and aimed for first this week. He's and up and comer from the Southern Maryland area who first trained with the coin up team like many others. He mains Bison and focuses on Ultra Street fighter 4 at the moment. He is a fast learner and I can see him doing well in the future if he keeps this up.    
His Grand-Final Match
Another notable match from this week is this match with Malneto and Grimy Grizzly(last's week winner). Malneto lost to Grimy last week and decided to go for a counter pick against the Russian wrestler and it worked out in his favor in a very close match. Shout out to Malneto, the man with many characters. 

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