Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ludovic is here!

Coin Up Monday happened yesterday as it does every Mondays. It was labor day, so I figured we'll get a good amount of players this Monday since work is normally closed or closes early and school is out. We got about the same amount as we normally get. I'm not complaining here, I just expected a bit more then the usual. Just a bit you know, haha. Anyway, I held the "Scrub Tournament" once more as I've been doing so for the past 4 Months now. It's a special tournament since a few of local's so called top players aren't allowed to enter this tournament. I believe it is a good way to let the up and comers or the fresh new players to give them a chance at winning and not letting the same 3 people winning every single time. So far we've had a different winner at each of this Scrub tourney, It is also fun and interesting to watch them trying their best at winning some cash.

I took a few pictures that night through my phone. I wish I had an actual camera for a better quality, but I guess for now we'll just have to go with this.

Here's a couple of team Photos with some of the members.

 A picture of Coin up after dark

The Coin up players are stepping it up bit by bit and I definitely see a lot of improvements in their gameplay. Tournaments nerves is a big thing for most of them and that's a hurtle I'd like to see them surpass or at least control it a bit more.

I'll Keep you guys posted,  Thanks for taking the time to read about us.


  1. I don't approve of this location being listed as a fertile training ground when 60% of these players get booped for free. Please evaluate your gaining methods and try again.

    1. who cares what you think. win a coin up first rugal.lol

    2. Well you did say 60% of the players get booped for free. I think that's pretty good for us. We take players from 0 skills and try to level them up and that's what matter with us. You don't have to improve of our method but it does work for us. You should come pay us a visit and try to beat these players for free. Thanks for the comment btw.

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