Friday, October 2, 2015

                          A Hangout Session With DaFeetLee

DaFeetLee is Street Fighter 4 player who lives in New York and plays regularly at NLBC. He got first place Last's week NLBC by defeating Smug in Grand-finals. He Mains Elena now but has a lot of pockets characters and knows a lot about the game. 
Every Tuesday night, the team go over some game footage from the weekly to help everyone level bit by bit. This Tuesday was special because we had a special guest joining us. DaFeetLee was great at this, the hangout session turned out great because how comfortable he seemed to be. He was asked questions about the game and how to get better at it, and he answered all the questions pretty well. He's a good Street Fighter player and has a good personality and It was nice for him to join us in this google hangout. Here's a link to his blog and twitter 


                                            Rizzy's Second Win       

Rizzy might be Coin up's best new up and comer player right now. He's the first to win two Ludbucks tournaments. It had been a different winner each week and this week he takes it again. Rizzy mains Ultra Street Fighter 4 and plays Poison as his main character. He also learning Blazblue on the side and plans to play SF5. He's been working hard on leveling up, and has traveled to tournaments such as EVO and TCW this year. He mainly plays on the Hitbox but can also use a arcade stick. This week's coin up showed his improvement since he had to work hard for his win in grand-finals. Last week He lost badly to Zach H's Bison who won the tournament, but they had to face each other again in winners finals. Zach won once again 3-0, but in grand-finals Rizzy brought it back, reset the bracket and won this match he personally dislike. Congrats to him for adjusting during his matches and improving overall.

Final Match

                                             Xanadu Monthly

Last weekend a few members of the team went to compete at a local monthly tournament called Xanadu, located in Baltimore Md. Most of us entered USF4 and one of the member entered MKX  along with with USF4. It was a first time in awhile that we all compete in the same tournament outside of our own weekly. We did pretty well, held our own but we'll do better at the next event. I gave away my win in grand-finals and ended up getting second place. PS4 timing hit me a little harder than before when I needed to win, I learned my lesson though. Coin Up Ogyawn had an exhibition match against the monthly's organizer in a battle of first 5. He lost to 1-5, but took many rounds and couldn't adjust his game-play and fix his flaws during the match in time to get more wins. He took it as a way for himself to level up and putting himself in tough position. 

Next Monthly should be better for us. 

Thanks for reading again!